Too Chic Wearable Dog Art


High quality t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel adorned with original works of art.

Pick a breed, pick a style and you have a beautifully designed fashion statement.


Pick from over 115 dog breeds, cats, horses, and brag art. Wear your paws on your sleeve, brag about your accomplishments without ever saying a word. Create wearable art as unique as your are.

Too Chic Custom Artwork


Let us design artwork for your next event.

Dog shows, breed specialties, a family

get-together. Wear your event with style.


From 5 to 5000 items we can design it, print it, and press it to the shirt or clothing item of your choosing.

 Going or not - you need this years National shirt. GO WILD, the mountains are calling!

Too Chic

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Fridley, MN 55432